Loess Hills Wood Works - Handcrafted Quality Furniture

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Handcrafted    We start with sketch and wood, and step by step create real furniture that will last for generations.

One of a kind quality furniture   Instead of factory made modules, each unit is proportioned to your space and needs. Our workshop has precision equipment to cut unique sizes. Pieces can be built-in or free standing.

Shawn Shea and his personally trained team at Loess Hills Wood Works do it all. No short cuts. No sub-contracting. There is usually a waiting list for new projects.

Loess Hills Wood Works is a member of Living Loess. For tour information go to www.livingloess.com

The Loess Hills Wood Works sign is made from reclaimed redwood from the Falstaff Brewery beer vats.
The ferment tanks were built in 1885. They were 10 ft in diameter and 9 ft tall. The vats were made of clear heart redwood, and individual boards were 2 5/8 inch thick. The sign was sand blasted to enhance the grain of the wood in the background and give it a 3-D image.

Jewelery cabinet, designed for Barb Gallaher's display during Living Loess Tours
This video takes you through the process Shawn Shea uses to design and build handcrafted quality furniture.
The piece above, for the Loess Hills Wood Works showroom was designed June 26, 2011. The shop drawing was completed June 28, 2011.